mightyZAP, the micro linear servo actuating solution for the era of the 4th industrial revolution

Mini Linear Servo Actuator

Looking for L12 series? Please see here.

⚠ Notice : The information for 17Lf series shown on the website is for advance publicity. We are happy to release 17Lf series in the third quarter of 2024 after completing certifications and technical documentations. The drawings have already been listed on the digital archive, and other technical data such as user manuals, datasheet will be posted in advance as soon as they are ready.

Overview – 17Lf Servo Series

The new mightyZAP servo series with a 17mm diameter motor which improve durability. Provide faster speed under the same rated load specification comparing to the 12Lf series.   Overall functionality is almost same as the 12Lf series, but only RS-485 communication and MODBUS RTU protocol are provided, and user expandability has been improved with the expansion I/O port.

Mini Size

Built-in Drive


Postion Control / Feedback

Current Control / Feedback

Dynamic Speed Control

Expansion I/O Port

Action Feature (User Motion Save & Run - No Coding)

Heavy Duty, Durable 17mm Diameter Coreless DC Motor

17Lf Servo Series Features

  • Compact size with built-in drive, position sensor, DC motor and gear box
  • Better durability & faster speed under similar rated load comparing to 12Lf series thanks to the bigger 17mm diameter DC motor
  • Position, current and speed control along with position & current feedback
  • Easy digital I/O control through 4 x Expansion I/O ports (No coding)
  • 27/37/50/87mm(*) stroke option
    – (*): Each 3mm stroke can be added when adjusting the long stroke limit through Total Manager software.
  • Rated load of 17N~70N depending on the lead angle for each stroke
    – Speed is inversely proportional to the rated load, so the higher the rated load, the slower the speed.
  • RS-485 MODBUS-RTU protocol applied (IR open protocol is not provided)
  • Action feature which enables user’s motion save & run

17Lf Series Specifications

Rated Load Stroke Communication
Rated Load
/Max Speed
(No Load)
Stall Force
at Current
(1.6A / 800mA
/ 200mA)
Self Lock
(Z Axis Use)
Lead Screw
/ Gear Ratio
/ Gear Type
17N 37mm (40mm*) 17Lf-17F-37 17N / 105mm/s 90N / 58N / 23N No
(Pay attention
to application)
Lead Angle 20° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
50mm (53mm*) 17Lf-17F-50
87mm (90mm*) 17Lf-17F-87
20N 27mm (30mm*) 17Lf-20F-27 20N / 117mm/s Lead Angle 22.2° / 9.3:1
/ Engineering Plastic Gears
27N 37mm (40mm*) 17Lf-27F-37 27N / 82mm/s 96N / 68N / 27N Lead Angle 15° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
50mm (53mm*) 17Lf-27F-50
87mm (90mm*) 17Lf-27F-87
35N 27mm (30mm*) 17Lf-35F-27 35N / 90mm/s   Lead Angle 17° / 9.3:1 /
Engineering Plastic Gears
50N 37mm (40mm*) 17Lf-50F-37 50N / 28mm/s 182N / 129N / 50N Yes
Lead Angle 5° / 10:1
/ Engineering
Plastic Gears
50mm (53mm*) 17Lf-50F-50
87mm (90mm*) 17Lf-50F-87
70N 27mm (30mm*) 17Lf-70F-27 70N / 32mm/s   Lead Angle 5.82°/ 9.3:1 /
Engineering Plastic Gears

(*): Maximum stroke length when adjusting long stroke limit through Total Manager software

17Lf Servo Series Common Specifications

Repeatability Stroke Unidirectional
27mm / 37mm 30μm(0.03mm)
50mm 40μm(0.04mm)
87mm 50μm(0.05mm)
Mechanical Backlash 0.03mm(30μm)
Rod Type Metal Alloy Rod
Motor Type Coreless DC (17mm diameter)
Rated Voltage 12V
Motor Watt 3.8W
Recommended Duty Cycle At Rated Load At Max Applicable Load
Max 50% Max 20%
Current Accuracy ±15%at Over 50mA
Position Sensor 10KΩlinear Potentiometer
Input Voltage Range 7 ~13V (Rated 12VDC)
Current Consumption Idle Rated Stall
Default MAX
Under 30mA  400mA 800mA 1600mA
Audible Noise Approx. 50db at 1m
LED Indication Two Errors Indications (Input voltage, Overload)
Communication Method / Protocol RS-485 / MODBUS RTU (IR Open protocol is not supported)
Expoansion I/O Port 4 Ports (Function : Switch, JOG, Action Enable, Force Off, PAUSE, STOP, RESTART, Alarm OUT)
Ingress Protection IP-54(Dust & Water Tight)
/ Wight (Dimension
excluding the rod-end tip
and hinge)
27mm 57.5x40.6x23mm / 65.5g
37mm 86.8x57.9x23mm / 113.5g
50mm 111.5x57.9x23mm / 140g
87mm 151.5x57.9x23mm / 188g
Operating Temperature -10℃~ 60℃
Wire Harness Comm./Power RS-485 Molex to Molex Type(Molex 510650400, 4pins) / 200mm length, 0.08×60(22AWG)
I/O Port I/O Port Wire harness : Molex 510210500, 5pins / 200mm length, 0.16 x 7 (26AWG)

* Design and Specification can be changed without prior notice for further improvement.


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