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D7, D12, L12 Servo Series Actuators

mightyZAP Position Control D7, D12 Series 26mm stroke firmware update (Oct, 6th, 2021) (Re-Update on Feb, 21st, 2022)

2021-10-06 18:49

If you have read and understood the above carefully(Compatibility issue for V20(or higher) firmware update), you can proceed with the firmware update by following the procedure below.

We are happy to release the updated Firmware for all mightyZAP actuators. (V21 for Position control lineup  and V2.1 for Force control lineup actuator)
On this page, you can update the firmware for the Position control D7, D12 series 26mm stroke actuator. Please check the firmware version of your actuator on the Manager software, if it is V20 or lower, please update the firmware for performance improvement and some bug fix. (except for the old production above)

If your actuators already have V21 indication along with production lot number on the model plate sticker, you do not need update.

  • IR-USB01(or IR-USB02) PC USB interface is required to update the firmware on the Manager software.
  • Please install the new Manager software V3.1.1 optimized for the new firmware. [Download new manager software & update manual]
  • Make sure to install the correct firmware that matches the model name of the actuator you have. When you download the update file, please pay attention to the model name.


  • If the old firmware has been already applied to your existing equipment, be sure to test the new firmware with the equipment for verification. Although the actuator specifications are not to be changed through firmware update, the operating characteristics may be affected  depending on the characteristics of the equipment, so please be sure to test  the actuator with the new firmware in the equipment.
  • Make sure to download correct model named firmware for your mightyZAP. Download the concerned firmware correctly according to your actuator model.
  • Update single servo only. Do not update with multiple qty of servo motor under serial connection(daisy chain) at the same time.  Otherwise, it may occur some error.
  • In case that incorrect firmware is installed, please process the update with correct firmware update file again.
  • Before update, make sure if all wirings (communication wire, power wire) are properly connected between IR-USB01(or USB02) & actuator / between PC and IR-USB01(or USB02).  Then, please do not touch them while updating  as it may occur fatal communication error.  Please contact factory if communication or update error continues.
  • Stroke calibration process will be automatically made after firmware update. So, before firmware update, make sure if actuator is standalone(should not be connected with any mechanical stuff of your application) for proper calibration.

[V21 - What is updated?]

  • Save failure issue is resolved after reset for Min/Max Position Calibration (Saved Min/Max Position Calibration data can be saved even after Reset)
  • Save failure after Current Limit setting has been fixed.

[Ref. V20 - What were updated? - on Oct, 6th, 2021]

Item Before (Current Firmware) After (V20 Firmware) Purpose of Update
Baudrate 38400 Not supported Baudrate 38400 Added Diversification of communication speed options
Force Enable when booting When booting up,  Force Disabled (Force ON after position command) When booting up,  Force Enabled (Force ON immediately after power on even before position command) Prevents pushing when power is applied and improves stability
Return Delay Adjustable (0~255) Changed to a fixed value according to the baudrate (Not adjustable)  For better communication stability
Stroke Pulse width Adjustable Not Adjustable Improved system stability
Min/Max Position Calibration Not supported Add Min/Max Position Calibration feature Provide start/end point synchronization custom feature
Error state 7Error Indications /Error Shutdown Setting available ;

Instruction Error

Overload Error

checksum Error

Range Error

Stroke Limit Error

Input Voltage Error
2 Error Indications /Error Shutdown Setting available ;

Overload Error

Input Voltage Error
 Simplify Error Display
Error LED Indicator Color Instruction Error (White)

Overload Error (Cyan-청록)

checksum Error (Magenta)

Range Error (Blue)

Stroke Limit Error (Green)

Input Voltage Error (Red)
Overload Error (RED Flickering)

Input Voltage Error (RED Steady On)
 Simplify Error Display
Center Difference Adjustable Remove parameter.  Replaced with fixed value Improved system stability
Punch/Punch Initial Value Supported Remove parameter.  Included in acceleration function Feature integration/improvement
Compliance Margin Not Adjustable Add new parameter  (Non-volatile) Feature improvement
Booting LED Color Blue-Red Flickering Green-Red Flickering Unification of indication with Force Control lineup

Check Firmware version / Firmware Download Link

  • Please refer to the old and new firmware number for each actuator model.
  • Firmware version number can be found on mightyZAP manager software.   Connect your actuator with software, then see "Management"-"Information" window or "System"-"Firmware version".
  • If your firmware version is old version, please update it for better performance.
Model Old(current) Version New Version Download Link
(Click model name)
D7-6F-3 20 21 D7-6F-3
D7-6PT-3 20 D7-6PT-3
D7-12F-3 20 D7-12F-3
D7-12PT-3 20 D7-12PT-3
D12-6F-3 20 D12-6F-3
D12-6PT-3 20 D12-6PT-3
D12-12F-3 20 D12-12F-3
D12-12PT-3 20 D12-12PT-3