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D7, D12, L12 Servo Series Actuators

mightyZAP 96mm stroke PREMIUM version firmware update (Jul, 22nd, 2019)

2019-07-22 20:25

The new firmware V20 is just released. Please download V20 new firmware on another page.


Updated firmware for mightyZAP 96mm stroke Premium lineup is just release. To optimize your mightyZAP performance, you are strongly requested to update your old version firmware.

  • Make sure to download correct model named firmware for your mightyZAP. Download the concerned firmware correctly according to your servo model.
  • Refer to the update manual. [Manual download]
  • For firmware update, make sure to install 'mightyZAP manager' software v.1.0.7 on your PC and you need to have IR-USB01 PC USB interface for PC connection.
  • For those who use older version mightyZAP manager software, here is the download link for 'mightyZAP manager' software v.1.0.7.


  • Make sure to download correct model named firmware for your mightyZAP. Download the concerned firmware correctly according to your servo model.
  • Update single servo only. Do not update with multiple qty of servo motor under serial connection(daisy chain) at the same time.  Otherwise, it may occur some error.
  • In case that incorrect firmware is installed, please process the update with correct firmware update file again.
  • Before update, make sure if all wirings (communication wire, power wire) are properly connected between IR-USB01 & Servo / between PC and IR-USB01.  Then, please do not touch them while updating  as it may occur fatal communication error.  Please contact factory if communication or update error continues.
  • From this update, stroke calibration process is added after firmware update. So, before firmware update, make sure if actuator is standalone(should not be connected with any mechanical stuff of your application) for proper calibration.

What are updated?

  Before After What are updated?
OVERLOAD Protection Different overload spec per each model All models overload protection standard are unified and motor cut off under below conditions ;
Continuous operation for more than 30sec. or,

Actuator is stuck at certain point for more than 30sec without position change after goal position command.
Overload protection improvement
Force limit feature removal Force limit feature (volatile parameter) Force limit feature removal To be removed as “Max force”(Non-volatile data) parameter has same function.
“Max force” name change Previous name has been “Max force” New name “Motor Operating rate” To provide more exact definition of this feature
“Motor operating rate” range change Previously 0~1023 (under the Max force feature) New range : 400~1023  To be changed to actual operating range.
“Speed” Parameter Removal Unnatural speed adjustment by Speed parameter Speed adjustment by “Motor operating rate”. (Force and speed will be adjusted at the same time) More smooth speed adjustment.
Compliance margin Compliance margin Segmentalized to “Start compliance margin” and “End compliance margin” Improved Stability of position control
Calibration process Calibration process after firmware update. Secure exact stroke range

Check Firmware version

  • Please refer to the old and new firmware number for each servo model.
  • Firmware version number can be found on mightyZAP manager software.   Connect your actuator with software, then see "Management"-"Information" window or "System"-"Firmware version".
  • If your firmware version is old version, please update it for better performance. (The firmware of actuators which have been delivered after the "Applied" date are already updated.  But for sure, please check the firmware version on mightyZAP manager software.)
Old Ver. New Ver. Applied (적용일)
L12-20PT-10 Ver. 1 Ver. 2 30-May-19
L12-30PT-10 Ver. 1 Ver. 2 05-Jun-19
L12-20F-10 Ver. 1 Ver. 2 30-May-19
L12-30F-10 Ver. 1 Ver. 2 05-Jun-19
the end.